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I am Chasing the Light with Wonder.

Charles L Wilson grew up in a small home in Norfolk, Virginia, alongside his six siblings - or, as he likes to say it, "back when the earth was cooling". His first foray into photography was in the 1970s, when he began to shoot scenes with his beloved Minolta XG7 35mm camera. He captured candid shots of family and friends, but his real passion was - and remains - landscape photography.

After getting married (to his "bride" Wendy), and raising a family (his "redheaded baby girl" Emily), Charlie has returned to his love of the lens. When he is able, he can be seen slowly making his way through Virginia's historical sites - chasing the light as fast as his cane and camera bag allow. A kind, thoughtful, and respectful man, Charlie matches insatiable curiosity with a quiet charm, and loves to sit and talk with those he meets. There's always time for a good story (and a selfie).

When he is not out taking pictures, he spends time recuperating at home with his wife. He is always "on the interwebs", making new friends and learning how to perfect his craft. Sometimes, he admits, he likes to tape his thumbs to his hands and pretend to be a dinosaur.